The AAA provides its services all over the world, so it operates according to international standards. It has all the necessary operating permits, including an HEMS from FOCA for ambulance operations. It also has a rescue service permit for the Canton of Aargau, where the helicopter base is located, and one for the Canton of Zurich, where the Operations Center is situated. The subsidiary AAA has been recognized by the Interverband für Rettungswesen IVR (Interassociation of Rescue Services) since early 2013.

Portfolio in Switzerland

The Alpine Air Ambulance provides the full range of primary and secondary transport and coordinates this from an integrated Operations Center

  • Rescue operations with helicopters and ground ambulances
  • Transfers from one hospital to another or to other health institutions
  • Ambulance transports sitting or lying down, as well as taxi and limousine services
  • Transplant flights for teams and organ transport

International portfolio

As an internationally operating Swiss flying rescue service, the Alpine Air Ambulance transports patients from all continents safely to their home country.

  • Medical assistance including cost guarantee and claims management
  • Repatriations by airplane, helicopter, and ground ambulance
  • Charter or scheduled flights with medical accompaniment
  • Organization of return flights without medical accompaniment
  • Ambulance transportation or limousine service
  • Aircraft handling for ambulance flights in Zurich (LSZH)

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