End of 2016, Skymedia AG and Lions Air AG merged. This took place with retroactive effect as per July the 1st, 2016. The aim of the merger is to simplify the legal and operational structure . The entire fleet of helicopters and airplanes is now combined in one company and no longer separated as before. The name of the company formed by the merger is Lions Air Skymedia AG. The company will appear under the corporate design of Lions Air AG. The entire staff of the merged companies has been taken over by Lions Air Skymedia AG.

IMG 2161Since the end of the year, Lions Air Group AG is operating a new Bell 412. Since Christmas 2016, this helicopter has been stationed as Lions 412 in the winter base in Sion. The helicopter is used mainly for the passenger transports, including heliskiing.

Lions 1In the night to the 28th of December 2016, the Lions 1 was alarmed for the the 800th times for a mission in the canton of Zurich. The departure time of Lions 1 is around 4 minutes during day time, and around 10 minutes night time. The mission sites are reached in an average of 14 minutes. The Lions 1 missions are 82% for rescue mission, 16% for transport mission and in 2% for organ transports. Since spring 2016, Lions 3 ist mainly used for organ transports.

csm TourdeSuisse968 besser Startseite 01 39f7d58e23Race medic Dr. Thorsten Hammer, Oliver Wagner from AAA Alpine Air Ambulance AG (AAA) and the Hirslanden Group have been providing their expertise in emergency medicine for the improvement of the medical care at Switzerland's national tour for two years now. The few injured professionals at 2016's Tour de Suisse benefited from a markedly shorter rescue chain. Read more...

AAA 1Today in the early morning hours Lions 1 was alerted 500th in 2016. From this total 464 missions could be completed during them the AAA team save lives and could help injured or seriously ill persons. Nearly 70% of all helicopter flights were performed during daytime. Two thirds of the missions were within Switzerland, 35 % in the southern German area. During the day the Lions 1-team is within the time limit in 15 minutes on site. The patients are in less than an hour in the hospital from the moment the alarm comes in.

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The Lions Air Group film crew has made the aerial movie for the recently presentation of the new Bombardier C Series of Swiss-Airline with its EC 135-Helicopter.

Lions Air Group AG was organized again the air show of the largest Swiss City Party. In addition to the helicopter ballet with the Flight squader ASPA the Skymedia team has flew the helicopters for an artistic air show and was part of the fireworks on Friday and Saturday their multicopters. Seek out for our gallery...

On June 28 2016, a FLIR-System presentation took place at the Heliport in Lauterbrunnen to representatives of police, fire fighters, emergency services and the SAC rescue stations KORE. The two air ambulance companys Lions Air Group and Air Glaciers SA have each a FLIR camera system ( Forward Looking InfraRed ). Through which, heat radiation can be made visible that are not visible to the naked eye. Until now, only the Swiss Army and the Alpine Air Ambulance ( Lions Air Group ) operated in the area of international operations with a FLIR system. This will be added now by the new options of Lions Air Group and Air Glaciers.

On June 24th - 25th 2016 the «Lions 1» was alerted 12 times in 26 hours as next and available rescue helicopter. So far, this is the highest mission number ever.


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