On Friday , the 3rd of June 2016, the AAA-Helicopter «Lions 1» became alarmed this year for the 300th time.
Of these alarms 276 missions ( 92 % ) could be carried out. Reason for not feasible operations was the weather.
The missions are spread so far as follows: 75 % rescue missions , 22 % patient transfers and 3 % transplant transports. The departure time is stable at around 4 minutes. The locations were achieved during daytime
on average in less than 15 minutes and at night in under 24 minutes.

(Picture: Solothurnerzeitung)

The Lions Air Group AG is seeking for dispatchers. Lions Air seeks out for an administrator for the financial and HR team.

Die Lions Air Group AG sucht per sofort oder nach Vereinbarung Verstärkung in der Einsatzleitung. Die Lions Air sucht ebenfalls per sofort Verstärkung für das Finanz- und HR-Team.

Alpine Air Ambulance (AAA) presented at its annual press conference, the developements of 2015. At the same time, the ambulance company, who’s helicopter is stationed at the airport Birrfeld, showed with its investment in the new and operations building their commitment to the Birrfeld.

On Friday, 18 March 2016, the restaurant at the airfield Birrfeld re-opens under a new management: the Cockpit Birrfeld AG – a joint venture of the Aero-Club Aargau, R.T. Gastro AG and the Lions Air Group AG. The restaurant contributes significantly to the attractiveness of the regional airfield.

In January 2016, Lions Air Group AG has expanded its fleet with the EC135P1 HB-ZJD -
equipped for passenger and ambulance flights. The helicopter flies particularly
passenger and organ transports. It can be medically equipped as needed and
be used as a replacement for the rescue helicopter "Lions 1».

TCS has bailed out as a shareholder from Alpine Air Ambulance (AAA), which was founded four years ago together with Lions Air Group AG. In future, AAA will be operated by Lions Air Group AG, the company’s established services – also for the TCS – will be continued as before.

To complete our team we are lseeking for an Administrator combined with responsibilty for our UAS fleet (fixed employment 80 - 100%). read more (in German)…

From 22 October 2015, the Eurocopter EC135, who is stationed at the aiport in Birrfeld, will be temporarily replaced by an other helicopter. Thus, due of the annual inspection, which takes several weeks to complete.

On the occasion of the International World Heart Day, Zurich’s Hirslanden Clinic has trained about 170 children in ​​resuscitation. The children were cared for all day from 8.00 until 15.00 clock and went through various items, such as a huge walk-in heart, an ambulance vehicle, practical exercises for resuscitation and how to alarm correctly. The Swiss Heart Foundation supported the day and the Balgrist School received the certificate «Heart school». AAA supported this action day with an ambulance vehicle, rescue professionals and a bouncy castle in form of a helicopter.

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